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Forres Bluefins S.C. is a non-profit organisation, run completely by volunteers.

All fees charged to members cover the running costs of the club.

There are three different types of fees that require to be paid by club members:

  • This is the cost for each individual club swimmer for membership of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA), which is the sport’s governing body.
  • The current SASA fee is set at £43 per swimmer.
  • SASA Membership is compulsory for all club members.
  • Fees are due each March.
  • People who join the club between March and August pay 100%
  • If you join between September and December you pay 50% (£21.50)
  • If you join in January or February you pay 25% (£10.75)

Competitions/Galas involve paying a fee for each race entered. The entry fees must be paid by the closing date of the gala.

Read more Gala information...

Monthly swim fees cover the cost of pool hire and the club's general outgoings, calculated as follows:

  • A 'Family Fee', which is levied to cover the cost of registering officials (timekeepers, etc). This is currently £2 a month per family, regardless of the number of swimmers with the club. Please remember to include this amount on to your monthly membership when calculating your overall monthly fee.
  • A 'Squad Fee', which covers the pool lane hire and varies per squad, depending on the amount of training time required:
Squad Squad fee
Pups and Pre-Pups £20
Seals £27
Sharks £43
Masters £27
How to calculate:

Step 1:  Add up the Squad fee for each swimmer
Step 2:  Add £2 Family fee = Total Monthly Fee
Step 3:  Set up a Standing Order with your bank for this amount.

*Note: If there are three or more swimmers from one family, the Squad Fee for the youngest swimmer(s) is reduced to £12/month.

  • The preferred payment method for monthly fees is by Standing Order through your bank.
  • For all payment details, please refer to our "Payments" page.